martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Sub-Saharan haplogroup mtDNA L in Spain and Europe

In the study of Rhouda et al. (2006) in a sample of 686 spaniards, not a single individual with haplogroup mtDNA L was found. In the rest of Western Europe, the recent study of García et al. 2011 finds L up to Northern Germany and Denmark . We observe the following percentages  :

Hérault (Languedoc) 2.4 %
Rhône (Lyonnais) 4.4 %
Vendée and Vienne (Poitou) 0.8 %
Calvados and Seine-Maritime (Normandy) 1.8 %
Somme (Picardie) 1.3 %
France Miscellanea 0.6 %
Scotland 0.1 %
England 0.7 %
Great Britain 0.9 %
North-Germany and Denmark 0.7 %

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  1. These studies that you linked are not useful since they tested specific or isolated people descendants of transatlantic african slaves, and some of these studies mix Iberians together without separating spaniards and portuguese. This blog is about ethnic spaniards.

  2. Not true. Pereira et al. tested "Northeast Spain" (2.5%) and "Galicia" (3.3%). Achilli et al. tested "Northwestern Spain" (3.7%), "Northeastern Spain" (1.7%), "Central Spain" (0.7%) and "Andalusia" (1.8%).

  3. There is also the study of Lopez-Parra et al. which finds 0/233. I'll make a post later of the total mtDNA L found in Spain, as of now I have more than 3000 individuals, obviously without including the Islands.