domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

Spaniards genetically similar to Western and Northern Europeans

Study from Gayán et al. 2010 , some extracts :
In this study we have sampled over 800 unrelated individuals from the population of Spain, and have genotyped them with a genome-wide coverage. We have carried out linkage disequilibrium, haplotype, population structure and copy-number variation (CNV) analyses, and have compared these estimates of the Spanish population with existing data from similar efforts. Conclusions: In general, the Spanish population is similar to the Western and Northern Europeans but has a more diverse haplotypic structure. These results suggest that the general Spanish population, as characterized in the present study by sampling from eight different cities widely-spaced across Spain, is generally similar to other European populations, although more genetically diverse than Western and Northern Europeans. Moreover, the Spanish population is remarkably homogeneous within itself in terms of global genetic structure. In view of these results, the population of Spain is sufficiently genetically similar to the CEU sample (White-Americans from Utah) so that the CEU HapMap dataset could be used to infer genotypes for the Spanish population.

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