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Estimating the Celtic / Indo-European input in Spaniards

The Celtic original population most probably descends from the preceeding Central European Late Neolithic/Bronze Age cultures, such as the Bell Beakers or the Unetice.

The Iberian Peninsula before the Bronze Age was genetically middle-neolithic-like, that is, like the Early Neolithic farmers but with an increased level of WHG. But no steppe ancestry present.

But here I don't want to estimate raw steppe ancestry, but the whole LN/BA package. I've estimated this input to be around ~50% in Spaniards.

Using the nMonte stats, spaniards can be modeled as being roughly 40-50% Central Euro BA, and 40-50% Neolithic farmer, and also, depending on the regions of Spain, some minor north-african and/or west-asian might be added to make it a better fit :

"Bell_Beaker_LN_Average"   39.75
"Stuttgart"     27.25
"Spain_MN__average"     15.7
"Unetice_BA"   14.95
"Mozabite_Berber"       2.35

Total of :  54.7%  Central-Euro LN/BA + 43.0% Neolithic + 2.35% north-african

Other regions might get more Unetice  than Bell Beaker :

"Spain_MN__average"     33.25
"Unetice__BA"   28.9
"Bell_Beaker_LN_Average"        19.45
"Stuttgart"     14.8
"Mozabite_Berber"       3.6

Total :  48.4%  Central-Euro LN/BA + 48.1% Neolithic + 3.6 north-african

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  1. What about galicians and basques? What about hungarian bronze age as a probable source? I guess the basques are more spain_MN, and the galicians more central european LN/BA.

  2. Some of the hungarian bronze age are too similar to Iberians, possibly due to higher MN, so iberans would score very high, so I prefered using the other BA samples.

  3. "Some of the hungarian bronze age are too similar to Iberians"

    True. But probably they were indo-europeans too. It is not possible to discard their contribution to the iberian ethnogenesis.