lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Sub-Saharan admixture in the Mediterranean basin

González-Pérez et al. (2010) have analyzed populations from the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean, with Central Europeans and West Africans as external references. In the Discussion section, they admit that the inflated "Alu/STR estimate might be artefactual" and favor the estimate based on the Alu  loci set alone because it's consistent with previous mtDNA, Y-chromosome and 500,000-SNP structure data.
According to the more accurate latter method, Sub-Saharan African admixture is ~13% in North Africa and "imperceptible" or noise (~ 0.01%) in Southern Europe:

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  1. Why isn't Portugal there?

    You can't estimate African influence on Europe and don't focus on Portugal which is the country closer to Africa!

    Com'on man!

  2. To the previous commentator,

    Portugal, on Iberia' Atlantic coastline, being northwest of the Strait of Gibraltar & north of the Gulf of Cadiz, is no closer to Africa than Spain' southern coast; it is actually more distant. Of all Iberia, the extreme southernmost tip of western Andalusia is closest to Africa, and yet western Andalusia has not seen any significant 'African influence'. That being so, why should we so desperately require Portugal to be included in such an evaluation?

    What is obvious from each study is that south Iberia' Y-chromosomal architecture has remained remarkably free from medieval Moslem influences, as indeed has all of Iberia.

  3. The link of the article does not work.

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